Halb vegan, halb vegetarisch, aber auch mal Huhn – soziologische Aspekte des Fleisch-essens und Fleisch- Verzichts in der Gegenwartsgesellschaft

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The following article deals with the socio-cultural ecology of meat-eating and meatrenunciation. From the perspective of a sociological nutritional science culture, two things are of interest particularly: First, how eating meat donates communitisation in the society and how forms of collective order are generated by eating meat. And secondly, the empirical observation that is increasingly discussed above in the present society, less or not to eat meat for good reasons. To numerous individuals this seems to be connected with high hurdles, because there are cultural reasons for them to eat meat. After the discourse on omnivore and vegetarian-vegan nutritional practices have been illustrated and analyzed by examples, at the end of the article conditions are formulated, which must be considered in a reduction in meat consumption at the level of society.

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