Museumswandel im gesellschaftlichen Kontext – „BARNIM PANORAMA Naturparkzentrum · Agrarmuseum Wandlitz“

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With the opening of the BARNIM PANORAMA Nature Park Centre · Wandlitz Agricultural Museum, a new chapter of the Wandlitz museum tradition began in September 2013. In a newly constructed ensemble of buildings, an agricultural museum and a national natural landscape were united under one roof for the first time. New ground is being explored in Wandlitz with the joint and integrated exhibition entitled “Shaped and Used Landscapes”, which highlights the thematic link between agricultural history and nature conservation. At the same time, this has provided a unique opportunity to preserve the extensive agricultural and historical and cultural museum collection at the Wandlitz site and to integrate it into an attractive exhibition with experience-oriented forms of communication. This article describes the history of the Wandlitz Agricultural Museum’s fundamental reorganisation from idea to exhibition opening in the new BARNIM PANORAMA. With the slogan “More Than a Museum,” it simultaneously connects the aspiration to become a regional competence centre for sustainable development and a platform for encounters and exchanges between agriculture and nature conservation.

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